Easily adjust Type to your liking

Type is a very versatile Ghost blog theme. Have a look at the included customization options below:

9 Color Schemes included

That's right. Type comes pre-packed with 9 color schemes. One default theme, 4 additional color/gradient schemes based on the seasons of the year and 4 monochrome themes in dark or light shades.

Simply adding a class to the <body class="theme-summer"> tag will change the color scheme.

4 Archive display types

For more flexibility, we've included 4 display types for your posts' archives:

Add sidebar to posts and pages

You can easily change between with/without sidebar display templates for your posts and pages. You can set a full width display for posts and a sidebar display for pages, or any combination you find fitting.

For demonstration purposes, we've set up the About page to use the sidebar page template.

Easily customizable Heroes

Each page type - home, index/archive, tag archive, author archive, page, post - comes with its own hero file that you can customize without affecting the rest of the templates. We've broken down the theme in each of its functional components so that you can have even more control over the output.

Featured images

On posts and pages, adding a featured image will display it in the Hero. In larger resolutions, the Hero will be stretched full width, full height on the loaded page.

More features packed

Among Type's features you will find: post social sharing, social media profiles, sidebar menus (HTML widget), recommended reading (HTML widget), Dribbble widget (jQuery based, automated, easy setup) and Disqus comments.

If you'd like another featured added that is withing the capabilities of Ghost, we will happily consider it. Get in touch with us.

As Ghost grows, so will Type!