About the Type Ghost Theme

Welcome to Type

Type is a beautiful, bold Ghost blog theme. It features big visuals and enough flexibility to fit every need, every style.

Photos? We got your back!

Adding full-width, left and right floated images is a breeze. You can even turn them to black and white if you want. Have a look at a photo demo post.

All images used throughout Type's demo are copyright of Jeff Sheldon via Unsplash.

Stylish quotes? Of course!

You can easily add full-width or left and right pull quotes in Type. And they look absolutely gorgeous! See for yourself in the quotes demo.

We take care of your content

Headings, lists, quotes, code? We took care of them all, have a look.

Columns? Them too, with Bootstrap

You can add columns to your posts and page too. Since Type is Bootstrap based, you'll only need to have a basic understanding of Bootstrap's Grid System. Keep in mind that adding columns requires you to add HTML content in your posts and not use markdown in the columns' content.

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